POSTPONED – TBA: How spiritual perception brings healing

Date: Tue, 24 March, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
Location: Christian Science Reading Room, Wynnum

Speaker: Alexandre Fischer, CS

Alexandre Fischer was a litigation lawyer in France when he became interested in a mental and spiritual method of healing called, “Christian Science”.

“At first, I was just impressed by its remarkable healings and resolutions,” he said. “But as I dug deeper, I found a profound spirituality. To me back then, religion and spirituality meant accepting a system of beliefs and the letting go of discernment and critical thinking. But the more I studied and practiced this deep spirituality, the more I found that it was not about believing in anything. It was about exercising critical thinking in understanding spiritual concepts, which in turn could be applied to one’s life to bring healing.”

This lecture, or heart-to-heart sharing, will give you an overview of Christian Science, its key principles, a bit of its history, some examples of healings and some clarifications about typical misconceptions. Experienced Christian Science practitioner, Alexandre Fischer, CS says: “I do sincerely hope that after our time together, you’ll have enough of a basis to begin to test its ideas and bring more harmony to your own life.”

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