For Youth

You can find healing solutions too!

Learn how the lessons in the Bible apply to you today. Below are some links that help show God is always with you and can help solve any problem you’re facing. Learn more at the Christian Science Sunday School.

For kids

Link to the page where you can subscribe to the Global Sunday School free newsletter on ChristianScience.comThis newsletter is full of ideas to help you understand the Bible’s healing message. It’s based on the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson.




Link to the Focus for Younger kids page at ChristianScience.comHere you can find links to articles, podcasts, music and more! See how other kids are praying and turning to God at school, home, and play. Wherever you are – God is always with you!




For teens

speech bubble linking to the Christian Science TeenConnect pageLots of great articles, podcasts and healing experiences by teens and young adults dealing with their issues. Hear how they’ve found healing when they’ve turned to God and prayed with ideas they learned in a Christian Science Sunday School.



Click to subscribe to the TMC Youth Weekly UpdateSubscribe to this weekly newsletter which brings inspiration to a topic of interest to youth.




young person studying the Christian Science myBibleLesson Bible notes, word definitions, cartoons, and photos to help you study the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson.




link to the Focus for Teens page at ChristianScience.comLinks to articles, music and inspirational ideas based on an issue such as depression, suicide, dating or exams.